Physics Consulting

Physics Consulting is our unique service covering the physical and mathematical aspects of project management. On account of our instrumental facilities this service is not restricted on information transfer, but can be extended to measurements and the construction and testing of prototypes.

Customs Specific Instrumentation

We provide customs specific instrumentation for

  • Gas sampling and multiplexing for gas analyzers
  • Gas mixing system for various gases
  • Photosynthesis
  • General data acquisition and control for laboratories

The solution we can provide are based on standard industrial components which are Linux embedded systems with a LabVIEW application running on top.

This approach guarantees service and maintenance over a long time.


Our policy is that we do not sell instruments, we sell Measurements!

For that reason we offer workshops where users become familiar with all the various features of the instruments.

A personal contact with our customer is very important to us.


We provide you technical and scientific assistance. Use our more then 25 years old practical experience on instrumentation and measurements.

We also are able to develop customer specific accessories to our instruments.


We have own service and calibration facilities. Even good instruments need to be calibrated periodically.