Eddy Covariance Packages

We have several packages available which support for an hassle free set-up of EC measurements. Please contact us for more information.


Biomet System Package

The biomet system includes a datalogger (Sutron Corp., Sterling, VA) and a pre-configured enclosure with mounting hardware. Installed components include circuit breakers, relay switches, terminal blocks, and grounding connections. It has an Ethernet connection for data transfer and collection on the LI‑7550. Space is also available for the addition of network switches and/or cell modem communication devices.


Eddy Covariance Flux Processing Software


EddyPro® is a powerful application that computes fluxes of momentum, carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and other trace gases with the eddy covariance method.

  • Support for the SMARTFlux™ system, for real-time fluxes computed in the field using Advanced or Express settings
  • Integrate data from biological and meteorological (biomet) sensors at your site (ambient air temperature, relative humidity, global radiation, etc.) into your flux computations
  • Comprehensive spectral assessment using both analytical and in situ methods

EddyPro® Express mode

In Express Mode, EddyPro quickly processes data with commonly used settings.

EddyPro® Advanced mode

Advanced Mode presents a large variety of choices for experts who need flexibility and control over the data processing options.

GHG eddy covariance data files

  • Each file includes all the information needed to compute fluxes.
  • GHG files are stored at a high compression ratio to minimize file size.
  • Simple data processing in EddyPro®, requiring little or no additional steps.
  • Account for changing site parameters (e.g., canopy height) in a single data processing project – there is no need to modify anything, so long as all the information in GHG files is accurate.
  • Compute statistics for an eddy covariance dataset in a single data processing project – even if site parameters changed over time.
  • Enables simplified computations of methane fluxes from LI-7700 data, including all spectroscopic corrections.
  • Summarize and use biomet data for gap filling and interpreting flux results.

Gill Sonic Anemometer

Together with the LI-7200, the LI-7500A or the LI-7700 we provide one of the following three Gill Sonic Anemometers, with cables to directly connect to the analyzers and holder for the mast.

WindMaster 3D


The Gill WindMaster™ is a precision 3D anemometer, offering Sonic Temperature, Speed of Sound and U,V & W vector outputs at 20Hz. This 3D anemometer has an aluminium/carbon fibre construction and will monitor 0-45m/s wind speed.

WindMaster Pro 3D

The WindMaster™ Pro uses the same precision 3D measurement technology as the standard WindMaster™, with an increased wind measurement range of 0-65m/s, 32Hz output as standard and a robust stainless-steel external construction.

WindMaster R3-50

The Gill R3-50 is a professional 3D ultrasonic anemometer, ideal for Eddy Covariance analysis and the study of turbulent air flows. R3-50 has a wind measurement range of 0-45m/s, offers sonic temperature, speed of sound and U, V & W vector outputs, at an output rate of 50Hz.




We provide workshops for Eddy Covariance stations at your institute. Please contact us for more information.