Scientific Instrumentation

Our company provides scientific instrumentation from the companies LI-COR inc., IMKO GmbH and EMS Brno.

This includes infrared gas analyzer for CO2, H2O and CO4, portable photosynthesis measuring systems, EC flux towers, soil CO2 flux and humidity, area meters, light meters and sap flow.

Custom Specific Instrumentation

Based on our more then 25 year old experience in the above mentioned fields and our engineering skills with Linux based data-acquisition and processing systems we also provide custom specific instrumentation for various research fields like flux measurements, food technology and chemical laboratories.

Workshops and Training

We provide workshops and trainings for our instruments at your institute. Please contact us for more information.

LI-COR NewsLine

Do not forget to visit the LI-COR NewsLine. You find there a lot of valuable information about instruments and their applications.

New Portable Photosynthesis Instrument LI-6800

LI-COR has launched a new Photosynthesis Instrument, the LI-6800.

Improved Gas Analyzer LI-7200RS and LI-7500RS

Improved optics and temperature controls for the Eddy Covariance gas analyzers increase long-term stability and reduce drift—even when the instrument is not cleaned for weeks at a time.



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